foolishness-amongst-friends: fox photographer r j salmon…


fox photographer r j salmon dangles in a crate suspended from a crane to take an aerial shot of fleet street, london, with st paul’s in the background, december 1929. this picture is taken from the daily telegraph building. photographer unknown.
© london. portrait of a city

» note from mezzaluna: this beautiful photo is from the book in my own possession london: portrait of a city that i posted it on march 3rd, 2013. just today (march 27th, 2013) i found out that this person reposted it without giving me credit. instead, she/ he linked back to getty images, which is clearly a totally different copy. i probably shouldn’t have said anything, but after keeping getting my posts reposted and how frustrating it is, today i think i’ve had enough. what is the point of taking time and effort to come up with a good post just to have someone repost/ steal it without giving any credit?

3wings, the reblog button exists for a reason you know. USE. IT

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